Hardi P-Series Handheld Sprayers
$20.79 - $111.71
Manufacturer: Hardi

Quantity Description Price
C1.5 Sprayer
PART #: 84640300
P6 Sprayer
PART #: 84640100
P8 Sprayer
PART #: 84640200

HARDI P-8 (2.1 gal.) and P-6 (1.6 gal.) Compression sprayers are compact, easy to use and built for professional pesticide application. The pump assembly is removed to fill the tank. To spray, the pump is used to pressurize the tank and spraying is controlled from the trigger valve. Pre-packed service kits are available and the components tolerate most mineral-based products.

HARDI P-1.5 (.4 gal.) Compression sprayer is a handy general-purpose household sprayer. The pump assembly is unscrewed from the tank for filling. To spray, the pump is used to pressurize the tank and over-pressurizing the tank is not possible. Spraying is controlled from the quick acting trigger valve. The spray pattern can be adjusted from 45° cone spray to solid stream. Maximum spray reach is 16 ft. Spray quality is from a fine mist to coarse drops.

P6 - 1.6 Gallons
P8 - 2.1 Gallons
C1.5 - .39 Gallons (1.5 Liters)

Standard features:
  • Highly resistant seals (Viton)
  • Carry strap does not absorb pesticide
  • Angled, sided-located 3.14" opening for complete emptying
  • Two carry methods; handle or strap
  • Spring-loaded, quick acting ON/OFF valve
  • Filter to minimize nozzle blockage
  • Lance holder for proper storage
  • Leakproof tank, all holes are at the top
  • Transparent, polypropylene tank
  • Easy to service pump barrel
  • Strong, lightweight 14.5" or 20"  lance
  • Reinforced, 49" synthetic hose with 870 psi. burst pressure
  • Valve to decompress tank and prevent over-pressurization ( 45 psi. maximum )
  • Herbicide and insecticide/fungicide nozzles supplied
  • Measuring jug ( 0.7 to 1.35 oz ) incorporated in lid for minimal residues
  • Storage for extra nozzles
  • Suction filter to prevent nozzle blockage
  • Graduations of .5 gal. on tank
  • Wear resistant ceramic nozzle
Hardi Handheld P Series


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